Sweet red pepper (Capsicum L.) belongs to the nightshade vegetable family. It comes from Central and South America. Pepper crops are among the most widespread in the world. Annual plant that can reach a height of 90 cm.
It has a sweet taste. The fruit is smooth and has a shiny skin. Inside are a lot of small seeds. We can count about two hundred of its varieties.

Pepper has a great effect on our body, cleanses it, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Fresh pepper is an invaluable source of vitamin C (it contains four times more than lemon), and when powdered, it stimulates digestion and appetite. A perfect combination of health and taste in one.

Ripe fruits (red, yellow, orange or purple) and unripe (green) are used. The amount of seeds and the inner walls of the pod added to the final product determines the milder or spicier variety of the red powder.