An ecological method
Natural Limited steam sterilization system

Due to the method of obtaining, herbal raw materials may be subject to microbiological contamination, posing a serious threat to human health. These contamination can be primary (soil, dust, bird droppings, fertilizers) or secondary (improper harvesting, drying, storage, packaging, transport of plants).

A modern method of reducing the level of microbial contamination is sterilization of herbs and spices based on the use of saturated steam. Saturated water vapor causes rapid hydrolysis, denaturation and coagulation of enzymes and cell structures. 

The destruction of microorganisms is the result of both high temperature and the activity of water molecules.

Steam sterilization is primarily an ecological method that guarantees microbiological safety.

The company Natural Limited Sp z o. O. Has a professional, fully automated sterilization line.

The sterilization process is carried out so-called the batch method by means of saturated steam introduced at a pressure of 10 bar, at a temperature of 110-140 ° C, in a relatively short time (30-240 sec.).

The undoubted advantage of the technology used by Natural Limited Sp. z o. o. there is a slight loss of essential oils in raw materials. During the drying of the product, which takes place under negative pressure, water vapors along with essential oils pass through the condenser, where they condense, and then the oils are returned to the cooled product.

During the entire process, the product is mixed in the sterilizer's tank. Thanks to this, we obtain uniform parameters throughout the batch.

The company Natural Limited Sp. z o. o. has a technological line that allows for proper cleaning of herbs and spices.

Raw materials are subject to calibration and elimination of foreign bodies: cleaning of dust, sand, stones, metallic contamination and many others. To further increase product safety, an optical Sortex sorter has been installed.